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Photo by Jupiterimages/DigitalVision / Getty Images


For over 20 years, Under My Wing Pet Care has provided family replacement care for our four legged family members.  Furry or feathered, our trained and qualified care providers become an extended family presence, as we walk, water, and wake with your pets, plants, and home based needs.  

While others offer only minutes, Under My Wing gives full one on one attention to your pets during daily walks, vacations, or whenever you need us.  Now considered an industry standard, we are positioned as the family alternative for pet care with benefits!

I had a family emergency and had to fly to Nashville.  Before I even booked a flight, my buddy suggested  Under My Wing over in Belmont.  He used them almost daily for walking his German Shepherd Brutus.  My Husky Sasha needed a lot of attention and exercise.  After speaking with owner ,  I was convinced I was putting my girl in great hands.  I now use them for all my trips, and Sasha and I couldn’t be happier!”      

                                                                          Paul Fitz., Arlington, MA

Pet Services

  • Daily Dog Walking

  • in home services for Vacation, Emergency, and Extended Leave Care

  • Pet Care for Elderly or Infirm Owners

  • Veterinary Appointment Transport

  • Grooming Appointment Transport

  • Specially Tailored Programs for Veterans of War and their furry companions

Above and Beyond….That’s Under My Wing!

While we take great pride in caring for your pets, we also commit to keeping your home a safe and satisfying space for your pet and your family. In your absence, we become “A Presence”.  This means taking notice of any problems when you are away, at work, or on a trip. We keep your home looking occupied and tidy even when you are away.

Presence Creation Services offered in addition to Pet Care:


  • Taking in mail and newspapers, signing for parcels

  • Watering plants

  • Cleaning and maintaining litter boxes, bird cages, fish tanks

  • Cleaning up pet waste in yard

  • Taking out garbage and recyclables

  • Meeting with service professionals

By filling out our simple Pet Happiness form, we start the process of pairing you and your pet with whatever you need! We will then follow up with a Pet Partnership Interview and Welcome Program, providing you with all services and costs matching your needs.  You will be teamed with a specially trained care provider who will not only guide you through the introductory process, but will always be your contact.

We welcome you and your pets to our Under My Wing Pet Care family and look forward to meeting and teaming with you all!